Voters Approve Water District Funding

By November 3, 2011All About Durango

In an article released by the Durango Herald on Wednesday, November 2nd, voters in La Plata County approved the request of the three year old La Plata-Archuleta County Water District, to borrow $25 Million dollars to begin funding a potable water project that will deliver water to southeastern La Plata County and Southwestern Archuleta County.

This represents a big step for the District, as they have now passed three proposals by vote: formation of the district, ability to setup operations, funding to start the project.

The spending voters authorized in the vote will start with construction to expand the city of Bayfield’s water treatment operations. Additionally, they will acquire water treatment equipment, meters, software, monitoring equipment and storage tanks, as well as be able to pay employees wages.

Over time, this will have a positive effect on the real estate values in this areas within this new water district.

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