United Country Real Estate Celebrates 90 Years of Innovation

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May 11, 2015 – (KANSAS CITY, Mo.) – United Country Real Estate – the nation’s leading lifestyle, small city and rural real estate company – is celebrating its 90-year anniversary during May, the month the firm was established in 1925. Founded by Roscoe Chamberlain in Kansas City, Mo., the company began looking for ways to advertise local properties nationally long before television and the internet. United Country changed the real estate industry forever by producing the first national real estate catalog to expose local small city, town and surrounding properties for sale on a much broader scale, regionally and nationally. That original 1928 real estate catalog is housed in the Smithsonian Institution, recognized as a marketing innovation of the era.

“It is an honor to be one of the stewards of such a historic and important organization and brand,” said Mike Duffy, president of United Country Real Estate. “The innovative spirit that the company was founded on has driven continued breakthroughs in real estate marketing throughout the decades. Where a catalog was innovative in 1928, today our team is pushing the limits of the most cutting-edge advertising and technology to make sure our clients receive the marketing exposure lifestyle, small city and country real estate needs.”

United Country uniquely offers over 30 niche property specialty groups, hundreds of nationally and regionally ranked specialty websites, a full-service internal advertising department, the largest auction services network in the US and the only national database of more than 550,000 buyers.

“We have developed proprietary technology systems specifically addressing the needs of our brokers, agents and auctioneers,” said David Dickey, CTO of United Country Real Estate. “We deliver listing information where lifestyle and country buyers are looking for it.”

“Both in the 1920s and now, when selling vacation homes, lake houses, coastal escapes, mountain cabins, ranches, farms, recreational acreage and other lifestyle properties, many times the buyer is not from the local community,” Mike Duffy said. “These types of properties are more often not about ‘the where,’ but ‘the what.’ Buyers want a property to deliver to desired lifestyle interests, such as more peaceful small town living, fishing and hunting, horseback riding or skiing.”

“We are proud to celebrate our 90-year heritage and the innovative contributions of many great leaders who have championed our mission throughout the decades,” said Dan Duffy, CEO of United Country Real Estate. “These dedicated affiliates’ and employees’ work established and continues to deliver to the original promise. Today, we focus on extensive website, e-marketing and added-value strategies, but our objective remains the same, to better expose lifestyle and country properties to those searching for them across the country.”

To learn more about United Country Real Estate & Auction Services and opportunities available with the company contact me today to set up a private 30-minute online meeting or attend one of our upcoming weekly webinars to learn more about our program.

Real Estate Videos

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Having a well scripted and executed real estate video is like having an open house on your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It tells a unique story and gives buyers a chance to see it up close and personal from a 1,000 miles away.  Ask us how this can help you with the sale of your real estate.

Condo & Townhouse Examples

Home Examples

Ranches & Vacant Land

4 Key Elements To Getting You And Your Durango Real Estate Ready for Sale.

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Bringing a property to the market in a salable position takes time and a well thought-out strategy. There are hundreds, sometimes thousands of properties that come on the market in Durango, Bayfield and Southwest Colorado during the summer months.  Lots of competition coupled with the fact that buyers tend to be apprehensive on such a large purchase, and lenders scrutinizing every transaction, and you have a challenging market with which to get your property sold.

What does this mean for you? It should mean that proper planning and choosing your agent wisely are more important than ever.  Here are four key elements to getting you and your Durango real estate ready for sale.

1. Determine what is important for you in the sale of your property.

Is it timing due to a job transfer out of the area? Is it a financial consideration (good or bad)? Is it downsizing or upsizing? Maybe you are moving to fulfill a life-long dream? Whatever the case, be honest with yourself about your motives and the significance of selling or not selling.

2. Start talking with an agent or agents.

The earlier you begin this process, the sooner you’ll gain perspective on who you want to work with and what they can do to help you. Ask questions and lots of them. Find out what their plan is to properly expose your property to the largest, most qualified group of buyers. Remember, more is not necessarily better – it is the strategy, approach, and execution that garners success at the end of the day, so make sure your agent has a strategy that is effective and well planned.

3. Start getting the property ready.

Wash the windows, clean the yard, put away all the “stuff” and start picturing yourself literally moving from the property. It is good planning to have all your ducks in a row and be both mentally and physically ready to move on.

4. Conduct a pre-listing inspection.

Having a pre-listing home inspection is the best way to determine if there are any issues that could prevent a successful sale or a renegotiation of the deal after the Buyer’s perform their own home inspection. I’ve seen it happen before, where simple fixes prevented the sale from going through. Sometimes buyers get cold feet and look for reasons to get out of the purchase. But don’t let a preventable situation affect the sale of your property. Plus, it’s just good business to have everything repaired or disclosed when selling something to someone else.

6 Reasons To List With United County

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Listing your property for sale with a real estate company is a very important and difficult decision to make.  At United Country we go above and beyond for our clients in the marketing and representation of each of our listed properties.  We feel that we offer some significant advantages to our clients and add value to the sales process.  Here are six reasons to list with United Country.


1. National advertising of franchisee-listed properties.

United Country reaches more than 90 million homes a week through its advertising in various local, regional and national print media.  Its custom bi-annual catalogs are distributed nationwide through its network of over 600 offices.  We also have special opportunities for international advertising in key markets including our recent catalog at the CLA Game Fair Event in Woodstock, England, and our catalog in the LPS Shanghai for luxury and investment properties.

2. Internet Dominance.

United Country’s industry leading 3,500+ company owned websites attract over 3 million monthly visitors (1.5 million unique), providing unmatched exposure to the properties we represent.  All of these sites are SEO optimized by our technology department and rank on the first page of Google for hundreds of popular keyword searches.

3. Proprietary database of 555,000 active buyers.

Exclusive to United Country, more than a half million, opt-in, buyers whom are actively looking for lifestyle properties in places like Durango, Bayfield and Southwest Colorado.  We are able to tap into this pool of buyers immediately upon listing a property for sale.

4. Specialty Property Groups (SPG’s).

Consisting of 28 unique market segments with customized websites that are SEO optimized for #1 rankings on Google.  Additionally, these groups share current industry news, trends, and relevant case studies, along with personalized support from appointed International Directors and Subject Matter Experts within the United Country system.  This sharing of information helps keep us on the forefront of real estate trends so we can be proactive with advice for our clients.  Examples of these SPG groups include: Country Homes, Historic Homes, Log Homes, Cabins, Equine Properties, Mountain Property, Riverfront Property, Farms & Ranches, Vacant Land, Bed & Breakfast, Ski Properties and more.

5. United Country Auction Services.

Born in 2007, United Country now has the largest integrated network of real estate professionals and auctioneers in the United States.  This gives clients access to a unique method of selling personal property and real estate.  Auctions are the predominant method of selling vacant land and farms throughout the Midwestern States and abroad.  Should you need the expedited method of selling via auction, we have the best in the business at our finger tips.

6. Home office support team in Kansas City.

As a United Country franchisee we have a dedicated home office team of 100 quality people.  Our support includes access to (and guidance from) the executive staff (including CEO, President, COO, CMO and CFO) award-wining marketing services, public relations team, and a variety of other company alliances including Duck’s Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, MHH Mortgage, John Deere, and more.

Durango Historic Homes

Determining Whether a Home is Historic

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A person can purchase an old home, but age alone doesn’t necessarily make a home “historic.” The National Register of Historical Places, created by an act of Congress in 1966, provides the recognized standard for historic designation.

The three main criteria for being listed with the National Register are as follows:

  1. The house must be at least 50 years old.
  2. It must maintain its physical integrity, meaning that both the home and its lot cannot have changed significantly from the original design.
  3. The home needs to have historic significance in at least one of three ways — through its association to specific individuals who played an important role in state or national events; by its unique or characteristic architectural properties; or due to its ability to yield information about the region’s past.

Any home listed on the National Register is automatically listed with the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties. In addition, Colorado has its own criteria for homes to be included on the state registry:

  • The property is associated with significant historical events.
  • It is connected to people who played some role in those events.
  • It’s architecture is distinctly characteristic of a period, type, or means of construction..
  • The property is geographically important.
  • The house or property may yield important prehistoric or historic discoveries.

The state of Colorado itself places no restrictions on what a property owner can do with a historic home. Owners can tear down the structure completely or renovate in ways that destroy the architectural integrity of the home unless there are local regulations and permitting procedures in place to prevent an individual from doing so. That is what makes local activism and the designation of historic places so important.

Rivergate Condo For Sale

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Our newest “storytelling” video on a condo project in Durango, Colorado.  This 1,404 sq. ft. two bedroom, two bathroom condo overlooks the Animas River and north to the La Plata Mountains.  It is a short walk into downtown Durango and is close to mountain biking trails in the Horse Gulch area.  This is a stellar condo that is ready for a new owner.

Shane Dawson earns esteemed ALC designation

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For Immediate Release

Shane Dawson, selected by
The REALTORS®Land Institute

Shane Dawson, United Country | Elevation Real Estate Company, Durango, Colorado has been awarded the esteemed Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation of the REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI).

As an ALC, Shane Dawson joins an elite group of land specialists who have attained the highest level of knowledge and experience in their profession.

As the owner and managing broker with United Country | Elevation Real Estate Company, Shane Dawson specializes in helping buyers and sellers with the acquisition and disposition of transitional land, farm & ranch, multi-family sites and recreational properties.

The REALTORS® Land Institute is an affiliate organization of the National Association of REALTORS®.  It is the only branch of the REALTOR® family of organizations focused on serving land professionals who specialize in: (1) farms, ranches, recreational, and other speciality land properties; (2) undeveloped tracts of land; (3) transitional and development land; (4) subdivision and lot wholesaling; and (5) site selection and assemblage of land parcels.  The Institute was organized in 1944, and has been dedicated ever since to improving the professional competence of its members in land brokerage, management and development.

If you are looking for Durango land for sale, ranches in Colorado, Colorado recreational properties or commercial land, please give me a call.  For more general information about the Institute, or to find the Directory of Members or a list of courses, visit www.RLILAND.com.  You may also contact the REALTORS Land Institute at (800) 441-5263, or Shane Dawson at (970) 769-2949 or shane@elevationdurango.com

A Foundation for Negotiations in Real Estate

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Negotiations in real estate can often times encompass a truly complex mixture of emotions, personalities, temperaments, psychologies, intentions and goals. Some negotiations can be quite simple; with all parties’ expectations being in balance, other times they can prove to be challenging, bottlenecked and even downright nasty.

The skill, or perceived art, of positive negotiations requires a commitment to see the facts from all sides. Fish out the “hot button” issues, and develop a solution that creates a win-win situation.

Good negotiations start with solid fact finding and good old Q & A’s. By learning what the other side has to lose or gain, and applying strategic solutions to helping them get what they want, you can usually get what you want, how you want it and at the price & terms that makes sense to you.

Proper negotiations can be a bit more involved than just throwing out an offer, or relying on a recent list of recently sold comparable properties. Our experience is that if you are willing to spend a little more time, and employ a sound strategy, then the results can be fantastic.

Please contact me if you are looking to purchase Durango real estate, and would like my help and experience in negotiating the best deal for you.